How to order?

Our online store has a presentation in English as well as in Romanian.

The store is divided into categories and subcategories depending on the products, so:


Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets

Golden pendants


Silver bracelet

Silver bracelets

Silver pandative

In each category you will find the related products, where you can customize them exactly as you want, the price being variable depending on the chosen options. All products have a description in which you can find product information and its personalization, please read them attention before buying.

To buy the item you want, fill in all the available options – size, color, gift box, name, length, text engraving, photo engraving … you like the add the product to your cart.

All products has a description,please read them carefully, some of them had a limit of words / symbols / faces for engraving. If you wish you can add notes regarding your order in the additional information or text engraving section.The pictures (maximum 2) will be loaded in the 2 windows available for loading from where you can combine more people in the picture for engraving, please specify which people in the pictures you want to engrave.The same with the text for engraving.

To add more products (the same or not) in the basket you have to select and customize each individual product and added in the cart. Please use the additional product information option for any product personalization information.

Once all the desired products have been added to the cart, there will be displayed all the products with the chosen options, accompanied by the price for each and the cost of delivery (£ 7 for uk and 8 £ international). In this stage you can still add or remove products from your cart after your preferences,

Once the order has been completed, you can proceed to the checkout. Here you will need to fill in all your delivery, billing and other information related to your order. All data is confidential,the site being secured.After all data has been completed, which is also mandatory, you will need to switch to the PAYPAL portal to make your payment.

YOU CAN PAY FOR YOUR ORDER EVEN IF YOU HAVE OR NOT A PAYPAL  ACCOUNG.You can pay by signing in to your paypal account or by simply making your paypal checkout by entering your bank details.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation mail as well as your order receipt.The execution time for your prder is 2-3 working days after the order is sent through the ROYAL MAIL to you.Once your order has been completed you will receive an information mail, just before it is submitted to the post for delivery.After receiving the order please leave you review of the purchased product or a feeedback in the section on the main page.Your feedback is very inportant for us and help us improve our bussines.

We do not take orders via the contact form, which is for information only. Thank you!